As a global leader in the design and manufacturing of severe service valves, ValvTechnologies has established a worldwide repuitation for superior quality and dependability with customers in every industry. Since 1987, ValvTechnologies has maintained a culture of innovation by continuously expanding its design, production and technology capabilities. ValvTechnologies provides an unsurpassed level of reliability to customers in the fossil power, nuclear generation, oil and gas, mining, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper and various specialty industries. ValvTechnologies globally spans across 217,000 square feet (20,160 square meters) of manufacturing and office space which includes research and development, production, complete machining facility, certified welding department and testing. These resources, together with a large inventory of parts and stock valves, allow ValvTechnologies to have complete control of all aspects of the manufacturing process, even for the most demanding projects.

Products Line:

  • V Series (Zero Leakage Metal Seated Ball Valve)
  • IsoTech (Parallel Slide Gate Valve, Bi-directional Zero-Leakage Isolation)
  • ERV (ELectronic Relied Valve)
  • Xactrol (Characterized and Stacked Disc Trim, Leak-Free Isolation and Control in One)
  • Turbine Bypass System
  • Nextech (Severe Service Trunion, Low Torque Bi-directional Shut-off)
  • TrucTech (Designed to API-6D and API-6A)
  • PulseJet (Fast-acting, High-cycle Isolation, Leak-free Isolation and Control)
  • EcoPack (For the Reduction of Fugitive Emissions)
  • Isolation Valves for Coking Service (Coking Valves & Switch Valves)
  • Specialty Valve and Actuator Solutions (ValvXpress)
  • AbrasoCheck (High-pressure Positiobe Displacement, Pump Slurry Check Valve)
  • AbrasoTech (Slurry Transportation Solutin, Erosion and Corrosion Resistant)
  • Acid Injection Isolation (Designed for HPAL Service, Emergency Shutdown Valve)
  • Three and For-way Valves
  • Cryogenic Valves (Fire Tested ro API 607)

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