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ISO 5208 Rate A Metal Seated Ball Valve (Zero Leakage)

API 6D/6A Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve (TMBV)

Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve

Rising Stem Ball Valve (RSBV)

Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve (T.C)

API 6SS Subsea Ball Valve

Twin Isolation & Double Isolation Plug Valve (TIPV & DIPV)

API 6D Lubricated Plug Valve

Sealant and Injection Equipment

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV)

Pipe-Away Relief Vents

Emergency Pressure Relief Vent

Flame Arrestor

Tank Blanketing Regulators

API 6D Ball Valves

Flowserve Valbart specializes in designing and manufacturing API 6A and API 6D Trunnion Mounted ball and API 6D Gate Valves.Valbart, located in Mezzago, Italy, is a world leader in industrial valve manufacturing, and a group of professional engineers with long standing experience in ball valve design and manufacturing.

Engineered & Critical Application Valves
The ValvTechnologies design features are the implementation of extensive industry experience. Equipped with HVOF RiTech® patented coating process, state of the art seal ring, abrasive resistant integral metal seats , live loaded gland area and Blow-out proof stem, Valvtechnologies ensures quality performance under all operating conditions.

Vapour and Flame Control Equipments
Protectoseal has more than 85 years of experience providing products and services for tank protection and vapor control. A complete line of flame and denonation arresters, as well as venting for standard and emergency situations. All this has resulted in unparalleled capability to meet even the most stringent customer requirements.

Sealants and Injection Equipments
Aside from valves and seals, we at Revenergy provide other services as well. This includes Serck Audco valves, sealants and injection equipment. Audco Sealants are high viscosity fluids, specially produced to seal and lubricate plug valves. Only Audco sealants should be used in Audco valves unless authorised by SAV. Serck Audco plug valves are also within our product coverage.

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